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Roof Replacement for Roofs That Are Beyond Repair

Does the roof of your house look a bit damaged? Some of the shingles are either chipping away, cracked, or missing. If the damage is major and beyond repair, you might want to just get a roof replacement service from a professional such as Jimmy Roofing. We’ll make sure that the roofs that we install in new homes in Belleville, MI will last a lot longer than the previous roof did.


When Dealing With Roofs

Whenever you are dealing with the roof above your head, you will need the right equipment. Without the tools, it would be impossible to get up to the roof, let alone make the repairs. The task requires specific skills and knowledge with roofs, especially if there is already an existing roof that needs to be removed first. Proper installation is also important if you want to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. To be on the safe side, consider getting a roof replacement service from professionals like us.


We Replace Roofs!

Our roof replacement service is available to our clients who have damaged roofs that cannot be fixed anymore. If a majority of the shingles are either chipped, cracked, or curled into odd positions, you won’t have a choice but to have the entire roof replaced completely. We’re here to provide the service that you need. So, if you do choose us to replace your roof, we guarantee that each step will be followed strictly so that mistakes can be prevented. We’ll remove the existing shingles and base and replace them with new ones using the right methods and tools.


Jimmy Roofing offers reliable roof replacement service to all of our clients. So, if the roof of your house in Belleville, MI is a bit damaged, let us replace them for you by booking our services through (734) 444-5457. Call today to get a free estimate!

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